Companions of the Crow

Who we are

We are a medieval re-enactment group based in Oxfordshire. Focusing around the 15th Century War of the Roses period we join in with large multi society shows as well as performing our own. Book us here.

We do also re-enact other periods on occasion. Our season is very active filled with lots of shows and a full schedule of indoor training sessions through the winter.

Battle Re-enactment

Our primary hobby is re-creating medieval battles. Medieval re-enactment as a hobby really comes into its own when you gather multiple society's together for a large show.

The scene is a rich tapestry of sight sound and smell as the drums beat and soldiers march onto field with plate and chain clanking. Shortly after the opposing forces line up cannon fire and gunpowder smoke blow past and volleys of arrows shower down from above. Then a clash of steal as the commanders send their regiments of foot soldiers in to finish the job.

Living History

As well as on the field there is action off the field. As many men in arms there are people in the camp preparing for the evening after battle. Using authentic methods to cook meals for the armies.

You will also find craftsmen using age old techniques to fletch arrows, wind yarn or even repair armour.

The Crows have the ability to re-create a scene of a temporary village that would pop up beside a battlefield to support the marching armies.


Often a good way to create a lot of excitements around a smaller event is to put on a tournament. With 4 or more fighters wanting to prove their worth and bringing crowed participation in to decide the victors a tournament display is fun for the re-enactors and the audience.

Book an Event

Running an event?

As a re-enactment group our main objective is to put on shows. Whether you are organising an event in the grounds of a private estate or putting on a village fair we can put on a display to meet your needs.

Educational work?

We can also put on living history display and show and tells about medieval arms and armour for part of your school curriculum


We are fully insured with public liability insurance.

No matter the size of your needs contact us!


Join Us

Interested in the hobby?

If you've seen us at a show and are interested in beginning medieval re-enactment as a hobby then you are more then welcome to talk to us about becoming a member and getting into the hobby. Re-enactment is a hobby like no other! Not only does it provide great physical exercise but it will fill your weekends with fantastic excursions to often very prestigious locations. The crows put a lot of focus around being a small friendly group who spends evenings together as friends.

Already a Re-enactor?

If you are already in the re-enactment scene and are looking for a change of scene perhaps because your relocated and we are your local group or because you fancy a change of period etc we are also interested in hearing from you.

Either way get in touch with us and let us know your interest!